"Join My Elite PRIVATE Mentoring Group...And I Will Show You The Strategies, Systems & Tactics to Create a 6-Figure Revenue From Your Coaching, Consulting or Expert Service... Even if You've Tried Everything and Nobody Knows Who You Are Yet..."

  • From: Justin Devonshire, International Trainer & Speaker, Leading Business & Marketing Expert for Coaches & Expert Service Professionals

Justin Devonshire

WARNING: This  Business & Marketing Inner Circle is for AMBITIOUS Coaches, Experts & Speakers Only

Are you worried that you won't make enough money from your coaching business... and have to go back to a 'normal job'?

Do you wish you had higher-quality clients who would take your advice and pay you what you're worth?

Are you working too hard for not enough money

Have you been coaching a long time, but still stuggle to make the money you deserve?

The truth is 90%+ of coaches & experts struggle to make a sustainable, predictable income. So, you're not alone.

And that upsets me, because I've met many coaches who are great at what they do, and desperately want to help people transform their lives.

But it doesn't matter how good of a coach, consultant or expert you are... if nobody knows who you are! 

These struggling coaches and experts  take more and more certifications, hoping that will bring them more recognition and clients.

And that never works, does it?

Coaching schools show you how to be an effective coach but they do NOT give you any marketing or business knowledge so you can make this into a real career.


I Know Why You're Here

I get that you're fed up.

Fed up of prospects not understanding that they need your help.

Upset seeing the people spend their money on fads & gimmicks - or worse - paying to work with coaches with very little passion or experience.

You're worried about the explosion of new coaches in the industry and how it'll affect your income (the coaching industry is set to grow by another 83% by 2018...)

You're sick of seeing people suffering with poor relationships, low confidence, depression, poor health or struggling in thier career - people you KNOW you can help with your coaching or consulting services.

Because you're a great coach.

You know you can transform lives.

You've invested in all that education.

But you're scraping by financially each month.

Even if you're doing 'okay', you're working 10 hours a day to earn a bit of money.

And if you aren't coaching, you aren't getting paid. 

How do you take a holiday?

What if you get sick?

When do you get to live your life?

It's not sustainable.

And your passion for coaching and helping people is being tested a little right now. It's not what you thought it would be.

I know all this, because I've been exactly where you are.

I've struggled to make rent payments because I didn't have enough clients.

I've had to live on very little food and almost go homeless.

I was angry and frustrated because I couldn't understand why people didn't seem to want my help...

Under-charged for my services and felt I was ripping myself off. Wishing I could charge the higher prices but didn't have the confidence.

I've neglected partners and friends, because I needed to 'focus on work' all the time. 

Wasted long evenings and years of my life being 'busy' but not 'productive'.

I almost gave up being a coach altogether to find a normal 9-5 job - which I swore I would never do...


...But Then I Discovered The 'Secret' I'm About to Share With You... And Everything Changed For Me

I gained 60 paying clients in less than a month.

I opened a health, nutrition and fitness coaching studio is Cyprus.

I created a 6-figure income (€8,000 per month) from coaching, seminars and products within 6 months.

I did that whilst working just 12 hours a week - and spending my free time living life and finding fulfillment. 

I then started business workshops to show other coaches, experts, consultants, speakers and authors how they could do the same.

I've spoken at over 50 live events on business & client-attraction in several countries, including the United Kingdom, United States, Cyprus and Romania.

I've created a consulting & mentoring business which has helped other coaches to grow their income to from zero to €8,000 per month - within 90 days.

I've helped coaches and experts in all industries (life, confidence, health, relationships etc.) in countries all across the world.

No matter where they are, or what economy they are in, my mentoring has helped them.

I've opened another coaching / training business in Europe which generates over €25,000 per month, and we have 4 coaches working for us (all within 6 months of opening).

And now I personally consult some of the worlds' leading 7 and 8-figure-earning coaches and speakers on how to fill live events, and dominate their niche.

The question you may be wondering is... how the heck can I replicate this over and over again - even in countries where nobody has even heard of me?

The truth is, there's nothing special about me.

But there is something very special in the secret I discovered...


The Secret to My Rapid Income Growth & FREEDOM As a Coach

I figured out that my income, my freedom and my fulfillment in business was down to ONE THING... Expert Authoritytm Positioning.

I realized that to stand out in a competitive marketplace you can't just be good at what you do...

People have to KNOW you're good at what you do.

I realized I had to dedicate myself to learning the art and science of creating what I call Expert Authority Positioning.

The people you want to help must see you as the expert on your topic.

They want confidence and peace of mind that you can help them if they invest in you.

But that's not enough.

Many coaches are like a walking encyclopedia but still have no income. That's because you need to be able to communicate with your market in a way that they understand and relate to.

The next thing I realized my prospects needed to see was that I was an authority in my field.

The "authority" is that one expert who is well-known, respected, and appears to be 'seen everywhere'. 

The 'authority' status is like being a celebrity to people in your market. 

When you put these together and you are seen as the Expert Authority you immediately stand out as the number #1 person people seek out...

...and they will be expecting to pay you higher fees to work with you.

But there was another secret that shocked me....

I learned that creating the 'Expert Authority' status was a replicable, predictable system.

It's a process that can be manufactured for any coach or expert who has a real passion for helping people. 

At first it seemed crazy.

How could I become such a hit with my market and be an in-demand speaker - even though I was still new to coaching and nobody knew me a few months earlier?!

That's when I studied everything I had done. And the SYSTEM appeared to me. I had followed certain rules, or 'laws' that positioned me as the Expert Authority  to dominate my market quickly and almost effortlessly.

People knew me....

Clients were desperate to work with. For the first time I now had a waiting list and was FORCED to put my fees up!

Now I worked on MY schedule.

Clients would come to ME. 

With this new positioning, I finally lived life on my terms, earned the money I really deserved, and enjoy freedom whilst helping people transform their lives.  


That's Why Coaches & Experts Around the World Ask for My Help

They KNOW they can't figure it out alone.
And they're fed up of working long hours at the demands of their clients.
They were pissed off working for a low and unpredictable income.
They had enough of low-paying clients who didn't value them and didn't apply the advice given.
And they were most angry about new coaches with NO skills, NO passion and NO experience coming into the market and undercutting them.
The coaches and experts who've gained my help knew they had to transform their small coaching business into one that gave them a predictable income, with low stress, lots of free time...
...and to be so unique that competitors could NEVER copy them.
The best part is, it doesn't matter if you do 1-1 coaching, group training, workshops, or you want to build an online passive income stream with your knowledge...
Creating Expert Authority Positioning in your marketing is the secret to success.
It works, regardless of which city you live or what service you offer.
Just imagine...
Being able to CHOOSE who you work with, and WHEN they get access to you...
Being able to command the HIGHEST PRICE in your area...
And building a loyal list of hungry followers who are eager to hear more from you.

Great Coaches & Experts Who Transform Lives Deserve A Great Lifestyle of Their Own

But the truth is, most coaches don't invest in their business.
Sure they invest in more and more coaching certifications. But usually that's out of fear and staying in their comfort zone, isn't it? 
(C'mon, be honest. I told you I've been where you are...)
We can 'hide' behind a new coaching, or advanced psychology course we're doing and say that we'll focus on the business 'later'. 
The truth is, your income will ONLY increase when you invest in your business and your marketing to be seen as the Expert Authority in your area.
But most coaches and service experts won't invest in marketing.
They don't have the guts to be themselves, so they end up looking the same as every other coach in thier industry.
They're too busy getting into arguments with other coaches on Facebook that they convince themselves they're busy...
These coaches may 'look' all happy and successful on their profile... but in reality their lifestyle, bank account and stress levels shows a very different picture.
Sounds familiar, right?
So, I want to eliminate those coaches right now.
My Expert Authority Academy is NOT for those coaches. Coaches who don't invest in learning to grow their income and lifestyle are NOT the people I'm looking for.
If you are an AMBITIOUS, PASSIONATE and GOOD coach who knows that the more people you help, the more you'll have a great income and more free time...
And you believe me that PROVEN, UNIQUE and AUTHENTIC marketing that gives value to people is the bridge that connects your message to the market...
...you may be a good fit for this inner circle.

Here's What You Get When You Invest in Expert Authority Academy TODAY

1. A 15+ Page Monthly Online Newsletter to Grow EVERY Area of Your Business
Being overhelmed is a big problem for many coaches and entrepreneurs.
But what if you were given specific, step-by-step guidance on how to improve each area of your business?
That's exactly what the monthly newsletter will do.
This will STOP you looking all over the place for information and get you FOCUSED on what specific steps you need to take to get more clients and create Expert Authority branding in record speed.
Each month we cover a different part of your business and show you how to get more clients with your marketing, and build a scalable coaching business.
The newsletter will also include updates, insights and behind-the-scenes CASE STUDIES about what we're doing in our coaching businesses RIGHT NOW.
You'll have insider-information about what works at this moment and leave your competitors in the dust.
This is exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else.
Some of the topics you'll learn about include:
> How to identify & locate your ideal clients
> How to communicate with your prospects in a way that builds deep trust & desire to work with you
> How to create digital information products so you can SCALE your income and earn money whilst you sleep!
> The 5 things your website MUST have to attract leads and clients (if you aren't doing these you're wasting money having a website right now)
> How to use Facebook marketing and social media in the RIGHT way to attract clients
> Help to design marketing materials that always bring you back more money than what you paid to create them
> How to get featured in media magazines and TV as a respected expert - even if nobody knows you yet
> The secrets to build a huge, loyal following of 'raving fans' that love to hear from you
> How to create content such as articles, blogs and videos - that give good value to readers AND get you new clients at the same time
> Actual case studies & results of profitable campaigns we run in our own businesses - so you can model what works in your own business
> How to turn free consults into PAYING clients - without ever being pushy or salesy
> Our 'Sell to The Masses' public speaking system to fill out your own seminars, workshops and live events and make thousands of Euros by selling your services and products every single time (I use this system to promote and fill over 8 events every single month around the world)
But we're only just getting started.....
If you've been to our seminars or worked with me in the past, you know that I love to overdeliever. 
That's why as part of the Expert Authority Academy you'll also be getting...
2. Daily Mentoring, Feedback & Accountability from Me Personally (for less than a cup of coffee)
One of the fastest ways to stop you being stuck and start making the income you deserve is Accountability.
You’ve probably bought all kinds of products, programs and seminars in the past and it’s got you no-where. That’s because even if the information was good, you had no accountability to APPLY it.
But in our private members’ only group, not only will you be kept accountable to your weekly tasks by all of us, you’ll also have me checking in every single day.
You can ask questions in the group, you can submit your pages or materials for me to critique, and you get MY personal advice and guidance to grow your coaching business quickly.
To work with me as a 1-1 mentoring student starts at an investment of €2000 per month.
And my clients are happy to pay that because of the massive return on investment they make.
However at the moment, we are fully booked with 1-1 clients and are NOT accepting applicants.
That's one of the biggest reasons I created this monthly online mentoring program.
I wanted to create a way to help more coaches like you who need the help to grow but aren't able to invest such a large amount right now.
You’ll learn how to make the most money as a coach or expert in the shortest time with my help. It’s also the closest you’ll get to working with me for less than £3000 per day.
The bottom line is that with the Expert Authority Academy you can now get access to me, for less than €2 per day...
3. Live MONTHLY 1-Hour Online Workshop With Me
Again we’ll cover a topic of coaching business in more depth and you get to ask me questions live and talk to me.
Outside this group, you would pay €649 for a 1-hour mentoring session with me.
That’s because I am a leading marketing & business expert for coaches, consultants and experts and my results helping 6, 7 and even 8-figure coaches prove it. 
Just a one hour conversation with me has helped some coaches to make MASSIVE breakthroughs and go on to gain 2, 3 or more new clients in less than a week - thanks to that information.
And if you miss the workshop, don’t worry. It will be recorded and the link will be put in the members’ group for you.
Just remember that the knowledge, systems and insights you'll gain from me have cost me a lot.
I've invested thousands of hours into learning, apply and perfecting the systems we use today in our coaching businesses...
I've invested over £100,000 in mentors, books, mastermind groups and worldwide flights to learn from the most successful coaches & experts in the WORLD. 
And I'm sharing all this with you, for the first time ever, in the Born2Succeed Expert Authority Academy.
So, if you're one of those coaches who is NOT prepared to invest in growing your income, then please STOP reading here. 
This is not for you. 
If you want to keep looking for 'short cuts' or hide behind more certs...
This is not for you.
And if you're content with earning a low, unpredictable income and keep blaming the economy, or the market, or where you live... 
Then this is NOT for you.
However,  if you've decided that it's time to make a change...
...that it's time to get the income you deserve for helping people...
...that you will take responsibility for your success,
If that's you, I want to give you the opportunity to make an incredibly low investment that will allow me to show you step-by-step...

The Proven, Effective & SIMPLE Coaching Business Principles That Will Transform Your Profits So You Can FINALLY Earn a 6-Figure Predictable Income & Experience a FREEDOM Lifestyle... All Whilst Making a Big Impact on People's Lives

What would happen if you had my PERSONAL help, so you could:

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that what I teach in the Born2Succeed Expert Authority Academy absolutely CRUSHES what other 'business experts' are teaching, I'll put my money where my mouth is

After 30 days, if you don't think the PROVEN coaching marketing, sales and income-growth systems you'll learn, PLUS my daily help and accountability is worth at LEAST €1000 per Month in NEW income to your business - just cancel your membership & I'll refund 100% of your money - no questions asked and no hard feelings.

Join Us in The Expert Authority Academy Today For The INTRODUCTION PRICE of Only €47/ Month
(Note: This Will Be Going Up to €99/month soon - Join Now and You'll NEVER Pay More Than €47/Month)

You will be billed €47 now. You will then be charged €47 per month as long as you remain a member. You may cancel at any time.
You will get immediate access to the clients'-only Facebook Group and this month's edition of the newsletter. Each new monthly newsletter will be delivered to you via email on the 1st of each month.
Your monthly newsletter is delivered in PDF format, and will require Adobe Acrobat to read it.

I'll see you on the inside. A new, fulfilling and freedom lifestyle is waiting for you to take action.

Justin Devonshire 
International Speaker, Trainer & Leading Marketing Expert for Coaches, Consultants & Experts

(Featured in Forbes, Capital, Cosmopolitan, Huffington PostMen's Health & national TV and radio)

P.S - If you join the Expert Authority Academy now your rate of just €47 / month is GUARANTEED as long as you are a member.

And for that ridiculously LOW investment, you get all the benefits of EAA membership:

1 - A 15+ page online newsletter PACKED with the latest news, updates and insights on what we're doing to grow our coaching business right now... full of profitable, actionable steps for you to implement with FOCUS.

2 - Private Members' Facebook Group where I will be on hand DAILY to answer questions, give you PERSONAL feedback and help you implement what you learn.

** Remember that my 1-1 mentoring fees start at €649 for a 1-hour consultation, and €3000 for a DAY. So think about how much value you're getting for a tiny investment of just €47/month. If you don't see the value by this point, please don't sign up! **

*** Also remember the monthly investment is going up to 
€99/month very soon. When you join right now you will remain on the lower investment of just  €47/month for as long as you remain a member ***

3 - Live, Monthly Access to our 1-hour Mastermind call to ask me more personal questions and so I can teach you some new principles and strategies to rapidly grow your income and create the freedom lifestyle. Plus the recording for you to keep and study again and again.

Click here to start your membership and get personal help from an international speaker, trainer & leading business & client-attraction expert for coaches, experts, consultants and speakers - for just €47/month. 

This is the introductory launch price - it WILL be increasing very soon. Sign up now and you'll keep your low monthly rate of €
47/month as long as you are a member.

P.P.S - I'm going to leave you with one more tip. 

It took me a long time to realize this, but now I laugh at myself for not noticing it sooner.

For a long time I struggled as a coach and mentor. I wondered why people didn't invest in me to help them get the results they wanted in life.

And then it hit me. 

The reason was because I wasn't investing in mentors or coaches myself.

After all, how can we expect people to pay us for help, when we don't have mentors or coaches ourselves?

Call it karma, or just common sense. 

But if you won't invest to get the help you need with this area of your life, don't be suprised when your prospects won't invest in you either.

Be coachable and stop stuggling. Me and our awesome family of Expert Authority coaches are here to help you.

Click here and let's get started together.

90 days from now will you be in the SAME place financially? Still struggling, still undercharging and still unknown...?

Or will you be working with high-paying clients....

be seen as the Expert Authority of your niche...

and earning a much higher, more predictable income

whilst transforming more and more lives....

The decision is up to you now. 

Click here if you're ready for a change.

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